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If it were up to me I would try it!

Steve Mac Donald

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Steve Mac Donald

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From: Steve Mac Donald

From: Steve Mac Donald


Steve Mac Donald
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Nothing Anonymous About This Anti-Gun Activist

WMUR should make time to clarify who the “anonymous citizen” was who opposed SB116 in their media piece.  She is not some random New Hampshire person…

WMUR’s Anonymous Opponent to SB116 Known Anti-Gun Activist


Should I dust this Puppy Off?

This is my first blog but I’ve been elsewhere for years- as you can plainly see by the sporadic content.

I would like to thank Bob Demaura for letting me blog at NHInsider.com.  You can’t read any of my stuff there at the moment as it was all archived years ago.  Maybe we’ll get that unearthed sometime soon; I’ve linked to plenty of it and fixing those links would be useful.

Thanks to Skip Murphy for letting me blog at GraniteGrok.com (where I still do most of my writing).

I recentyl started writing for the Franklin Center’s WatchdogArena so please check me out there.

And maybe, just maybe, I will retool this site and start posting some links to the things that interest me.

Sty tuned.

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