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Hi! Did you see it? Oprah says it works!

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Steve Mac Donald

Hi! Did you see it? says it works!

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Update: More Women Come Forward With Stories of Sexual Harassment by Police Chief

New london PD
A week ago we reported on the case of New London NH Police Chief David Seastrand.  A young lady had told the NH AG’s office that  Chief Seastrand had offered to drop the charges against her if she allowed him to take nude photos of her.  The AG agreed to drop their investigation of the Police Chief in exchange for his resignation and relinquishing his certification to be a police officer.  I observed that…
Seastrand has 27 years in.  What are the odds this is the first time he’s used his position of power for his personal advantage or pleasure?  And now he gets to retire at what, maybe 50 years of age?  So the AG just lets him walk away, no in depth investigation, and very likely with his full pension.  

Not exactly a punishment is it?  You get caught using your police powers to bully a woman and they make you quit without charging you and (assuming he’s keeping his pension) give you a big bag of money every year until you die.

Exit question:  Does anyone else come forward, Tiger Woods style, to start piling up accusations of improper conduct …
The answer to that part of my exit question is yes.

The AG was going to let him off based on their conclusion that this was a “he said, she said situation.”

Having spent a few years observing New Hampshire’s justice system at work,  I can tell you that this was actually more of a “let’s hide this under the rug and hope it all goes away situation.”  Think about it.  This guy has been in the New London Police force for 27 years, and he has risen to Police Chief, and the AG run’s with…”yeah, this is probably the first time anything like this has ever happened with this guy.  We’ll just let that go if he quits because quitting wont mean that he’s done it a thousand times and doesn’t want to get busted for being a serial sexual predator hiding behind his badge.   Yeah.   One time thing.  We’re certain.

Brilliant.  The NH AG at work, encouraging acts of sexual harassment in New Hampshire.   I wonder if they got any candid birthday-suit snaps of Seastrand in exchange for the sweet deal?

Well guess what?  That may not have been the only time Seastrand played let’s make a deal with young women in New London.  The Union Leader is reporting that…
To no one’s surprise, “several” women have come forward since the story of Seastrand and the college student broke last week, according to the AG’s office. They have reported similar stories. Now, finally, there is an extended criminal investigation.  It should not have taken this long.
I bet there’s more than several.  I bet there are dozens.  Maybe hundreds.  I bet we’ll never know how many.  Twenty-Seven years is a long time and Colby-Sawyer College has been there the whole time.  That’s a lot of college girls pulled over for suspicion of DUI, DWI, or internal possession of, um… alcohol.

So here’s my new exit question.  If the chief was doing it….what about the rest of the guys on the force?  Over all those years?  Was it widely known, a dirty little secret, was there an ongoing cover up?  Were officers who knew and objected but kept quiet encouraged to leave or fired?  I don’t know.  That’s an awful lot of work for another Democrat appointed NH AG to have to deal with.

It would probably be easier for the AG to just let that war on women continue and hope no one else comes forward with any credible evidence, right?   Just call them all “he said she said stories.”   Treat it like voter fraud.  We don;t have any of that either. (cough-cough)

by Steve MacDonald / Cross posted at GraniteGrok

Mayor Gatsas Goes after The “Benfit Plan One-Percenters” in Manchester

Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas is singing a tune we like to hear and one that I have advocated for myself.  What is it?  Hidden in the Cadillac plans of public sector employees is a revenue resource that must be tapped.

Gatsas is standing up for taxpayers, and defending the spending cap, in his negotiations with the Teachers union with regard to Manchester’s School budget.
He said teachers still enjoy plans with zero deductibles, $5 co-pays and $50 charges for emergency room visits, while the police union, among others, recently made concessions to avoid layoffs, shifting to a plan with higher co-pays, deductibles and $150 per emergency room visit.

“With the $3 million in savings, we hired more police officers,” Gatsas said.
So why can’t the teachers do the same thing?  It’s a great question.

There are literally millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars state wide, tied up in paying for the kind of health care benefits and retirement plans that most private sector employees only dream about–the very people funding the plans of the benefit-one-percenters.   And in his particular case, Mayor Gatsas is only looking for Manchester teachers to go where the other Manchester Union employees already have, so that the city can free up 4.4 million…for education.

(If it’s really about the kids….?)

That kind of agreement would be but one small step for benefit equality, though it still would not bring those public employees anywhere near parity with their private sector counterparts.  We’d need the contract negotiation equivalent of hydraulic fracturing to get even close, but you have to start somewhere.

And this is a well that must be tapped, and not just in Manchester.  Town, county, and state wide elected officials have to go after these plans in every contract moving forward, and they have to ask these folks to make that choice.   They can choose to lean toward benefits parity with the people who pay for those benefits for them, or they can explain why we have to cut cops, fire-fighters, teachers, or services because the public employees refused.

Grow-government-first politicians, at every level, who think that they can keep milking taxpayers while many public employees continue to enjoy their One-Precenter benefits package’s, are only setting everyone up for failure.  The pension deficit is no joke.  The economy is no joke.  The kinds of co-pays and retirement plan funding that many have enjoyed in the past is a sick joke—and it is unsustainable.

But if everyone in the public sector accepted that over the next few years they will need take more fiscal responsibility for their own retirement, and accept that they must pay plan rates and co-pays more in line with the rest of us, and that may include paying for a majority if not all of their own future 401K and pension plan payments from their own pockets, this would free up hundreds of  millions of dollars annually, across the state, for all of those other things they also claim cannot be left unfunded.

So put your money where your mouth is.  Admit that you’ve had a sweet deal.  Accept that people who are paying your way can’t pay your way, their own way, and sustain the growing cost of existing government, along with millions more annually in more of it.  Yes, you will feel the pinch, but that ride has to end.  It is unsustainable in any economy–it is nearly criminal in this one.

And it has to end or you may find that if you still even have a job when it comes time to retire, there is nothing there because there never really was.

H/T Union Leader

by Steve MacDonald  / cross posted at GraniteGrok

The Paleo Party

The thing the Democrat Party wants the most is to convince us that it is in our best interest, regardless of the interest, to let the government manage as much of our community and our lives as possible.  Cost is, of course, no object (because it is not their money).  But this is the oldest idea of government known to man and the dominate feature of centuries of thugocracies where most of the people living in them lived in fear and poverty while a small select few lived safe and well.

This is not progress.  This is not forward. But it explains the modern Democrat disdain for the US Constitution, for that document was built for the sole purpose of creating a government that was not like any other in human history.  It suggested that while we do have some common interests, that we are far better at caring for and defending ourselves and each other, locally, than any centralized monarch, oligarchy, or puppet parliament.  And they were correct.

As the Federal government continues its decades long pursuit of exactly that which the founders tried to prevent, the general populace finds itself less and less in control of its own future with our children’s future looking more bleak.  The government, through debt, spending, and regulation, is forming a center of power not much different from the monarchies of old.  The state must feed itself.  The taxman will come and take what it needs or wants (Hello Cyprus?).   Riots and domestic terrorism by the vast base of dependent public employees will use mob rule to continue to get what they feel entitled to through threats of violence (Hello Greece?).  And at the end of the day, the state will have to move in, fully armed (Hello Urban assault vehicles, massive government gun and ammo purchases), and calm things down.

Oh, look?  See how the government cares.  They’ve suppressed another violent rebellion.

One of their own creation.

That is how tyrants stay in power.  That is how socialism works.  What the modern Democrat party wants is not new.  It is not progress.  It is the near constant state of struggle and misery (in forms similar or tangential) that has plagued our world since man first walked it.  The Constitutional Republic is what is new, what is different, what is innovative and unique.  And it has created more prosperity in just a few hundred years than the rest of history combined.  It has heralded more innovation, better standards of living, and a happier, healthier people than at any point on the arc of human history.

The US Constitution is the new political technology.  It protects Freedom.  And Freedom is sexy.

So why are modern Democrats in their Paleo party so afraid of it?  Because they can’t control it.  It doesn’t answer to them.  And it most certainly does not listen to them.  And this disturbs our modern-day monarchs.  So they tell you stories.  Make up lies.  Bend the truth.  They offer you tribute in exchange for loyalty and intimidate or punish the disloyal.

That is not freedom.  That is tyranny.  And that is the goal (intentionaly or not) of the modern Democrat party.  The state of misery that has dominated human history.  There is nothing new or sexy about that.

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New Hampshire House Votes to Raise Tobacco Taxes

The ten cent resolution, that one thin (not so thin) dime New Hampshire Republicans cut off the tobacco tax two years ago, expires shortly.   At the time it was proposed and passed the left was so insane with outrage that you’d have thought Republicans were selling guns to foreign drug lords across the border who were killing agents of the federal government and innocent civilians as well.  But some Democrat president was the one who’d done that so there was no moral call to war; New Hampshire Democrats were as quiet as church mice.  (Regular Church mice, the social justice Church mice are noisy sums-o-beeches–and likely protected by a stimulus grant through the EPA.) But that ten cent tax?  That was a crime against humanity.
But it was probably doomed from the start.
As a step toward another reduction it could have achieved its ultimate goal but at just ten cents it was always too thin, never allowed a long enough run.  Ten cents in this economy doesn’t even cover the rising cost of fuel to get from A to A+1 let alone to B or C and back to A to make it worth the trip.   So as much as I (among others) wanted to see it succeed it likely never could.  Not because lowering the tax wouldn’t work but because the hill it had to climb was too steep.

So the same Democrats who can ignore a president of their own hue whose policies kill people against their will must seize on an insufficient tax cut to justify a tax increase. There is some moral imperative to ‘need’ the revenue, and plucking at any heart-string to get it will suffice.  So the New Hampshire House just passed a bill to tack on another 0.20 cents a pack.

This ‘revenue’ will be extracted from predominantly middle and lower income people, but the left has an excuse.  They think the cost will deter teenagers from picking up the habit.  That is a dreamy notion given that most teens who smoke probably either have parents who smoke or friends who wield something more powerful than the “cost per-pack” to jump start the habit–peer pressure. 

 I’m surprised some left-wing Mary-Poppins has not yet found a way to define that as bullying so they could bring the full weight of the nanny-state to bear on the problem of teenage smoking.  “Off with their Butts!”

Butt they need the revenue…

I’ve asked repeatedly in the past, if teenagers stop smoking, when the old smokers die off, what happens to that revenue we so desperately needed in the first place?  It dies with them.  At which point the tax and spend cave dwellers pick up their spears (coated with self-righteousness) and shuffle off onto the progressive plantation to find fresh game to harvest, if there is any left; heart shaped harps in tow, as they seek revenue meat to feed to their insatiable government gods.

It is all a game to them.

In the long run it is not about the dime, or two dimes, it’s about the idea.  The progressives believe first, above all things, that Government must always grow, even if it means you have to shrink.  If you do not take a stand for the dimes, you will lose them and the dollars that follow.

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One Lesson Why Government Should Be Made To Move Slowly…

NY State, ten round mags OK but only 7 cartridges or else
New York State and it’s governor acted with great haste in the wake of the Newtown tragedy, writing and enacting even tougher gun control laws than they already had.

But a state permitted to legislate like a three year old who has just discovered a spider on their arm is destined to make mistakes.  Government should never EVER be encouraged to do something NOW!  It will screw it up.  There is very little that a state or federal government need address that it cannot first study at great length and detail.  My suggestion would be months, years, and more often than not, never.  The people will be safer and more well fed on the fruits of their own labor when their government is at rest, or acting–when necessary at all–with the speed of a sloth.

In the case of New York, their triumphal achievement was to restrict magazines to a size that does not exist for almost every weapon ever made, while it was still illegal to purchase the ten round magazine the law was supposed to have permitted for range practice.

The answer?  Make the sale of ten round magazines legal in all cases but make it illegal to put more than 7 rounds in them.

I kid you not.


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